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Breaking up with Body Shame

WHAT IS Breaking up with Body Shame?

Breaking up with Body Shame is a 6-month small group program, led by a Julie Sweeney of Insight to Action Counselling Services and Alicia Worobec of Alicia Worobec Health Coaching, that focuses on helping participants figure out where their body shame comes from and move past it into body neutrality.

The program follows a curriculum that will come to you bi-weekly with alternate week Facebook Live events in a private group where you will be able to connect with us personally and ask as many questions as you’d like!

Now is the time to deal with the shame once and for all, and develop the skills needed to deal with changing the way you live your life OUTSIDE of the shame cycle!


Breaking up with Body Shame


This 6-month program is designed for those who are ready to make their way out of shame and into connection.  Connection with self, loved ones and even strangers.

THE IDEAL Breaking up with Body Shame PARTICIPANT SHOULD:

  • Believe that it is possible to leave body shame behind.

  • Be ready to sit down with their materials and join us for the Facebook live sessions or at least go back and watch them after.

  • Have a positive attitude but also recognize more accountability and support is needed.

  • Want more for their life than sitting on the sidelines or wishing they looked a different way.

THE Breaking up with Body Shame CURRICULUM

*Self-Care                          *Stages of Change

*Mindful Movement             *Intuitive Eating

*Facing Your Inner Critic       *Core Beliefs

*Self-Compassion                *Forgiveness


                  And SO MUCH MORE!!


What you get in the 6 Month Program

  • A private Facebook group where you can interact with other participants as well as Julie and Alicia.

  • Accountability with the learning opportunities provided as well as support from other members.

  • Bi-weekly interactive Facebook Live events where you can ask us questions and give us feedback.

  • Bi-weekly learning opportunities with worksheets and suggested reading materials as well as videos from Alicia and Julie with the content.

  • A unique opportunity to build lasting friendships with women who are pursuing Breaking up with Body Shame!



You may not know this, but your size does not determine what you get to have or experience in life.  The number on the scale does not decide how happy and successful you get to be in your life.  When you stop focusing on trying to change your body and start focusing on what's going on internally, you can make huge shifts towards changing what really matters - your SELF WORTH.


Weight loss doesn't magically make all your problems go away.  To make changes to your life that will stick you have to make mind shifts and work on your core beliefs - really do the work on the inside.  Once you believe that you are enough already and worthy of all the things you want out of life, THEN you can take action, be more vocal about what you want and need, and you can start defining what happiness and fulfillment mean to you outside.



Are you ready to start working on the Inside and finally kick that Body Shame to the curb? 




Great, reach out below for more information and take the first step in Breaking up with Body Shame for good!