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For Julie and Alicia, helping people gain new skills and strategies to navigate life's ups and downs while also finding fulfillment and happiness in life isn’t only a commitment, but also a passion. 


Their goal is to empower women to live authentically and believe in their worth so they can live the life they always wanted but never thought they could have. 


By combining their expertise, they can provide a well-rounded multi-faceted approach to their clients that adds a deeper level of care and support.

Bringing Counselling and Coaching together

Our Courses & Programs


Breaking up with Body Shame

24 Week, Online Program

For anyone who is looking to break free of Diets; to stop feeling crazy around food;  is tired of feeling uncomfortable and unhappy in their body, or wants to start living life to it's fullest free of Body Shame this online program is for you.   Read More

Braving Body Shame - Online Conference

5 Day Online Conference 

A non-academic online conference featuring the lived experience of people who have experienced Body Shame.   

Read More

Meet our Team

Alicia Worobec

Registered Health Coach, Certified Intuitive Eating Facilitator

ALICIA WOROBEC shows people how to find peace with food again so they can leave yoyo dieting in the past for good.  She helps people find freedom and comfort in the skin by showing them that no dream or goal is dependant on their shape or size.


As a Registered Health Coach and a Certified Intuitive Eating Facilitator Alicia uses a Weight Neutral and HAES based framework to help her clients focus on their health holistically taking into account the physical, emotional and mental aspects to ensure they reach their health goals while also maintaining balance, compassion, and respect for their bodies.  Alicia helps her clients reach their goals by combining support, accountability and stretch to help them make the necessary Mind Shifts to change habits and focus on what's going on internally rather than focussing on changing their outward appearance.


"I know the emotional weight that comes from trying to be the person you think everyone else wants or needs you to be. I struggled for so long never truly feeling like I was enough because of the physical weight as well.  I didn't think I deserved to live out all the goals and dreams I had for myself because of the size of my body. 


I have learned how to live an amazingly happy and full life now that I understand and believe that my size does not dictate or determine what I get to have or experience in life.  I strive to help each and every one of my clients achieve this belief in themselves as well".


Alicia is located in Victoria, B.C. and works with clients one-on-one, in workshops, and in groups both in person and online.

Julie Sweeney

Registered Social Service Worker, Master Therapeutic Counsellor

JULIE SWEENEY is a client-centered, solution-focused counselor who specializes in supporting women in finding freedom for themselves.


Registered with the OCSWSSW as a social service worker and the ACCT as a Master Therapeutic Counsellor, Julie offers openness, honesty, and a willingness to be part of your journey in a way best suited to your needs.


Through a HAES-based lens aimed at helping clients feel less alone in their struggles with body image, Julie offers women the opportunity to develop new skills and ways of thinking. Outside of her specialty with body image and self-esteem, she also

works with clients experiencing anxiety, focusing on self-care and changing negative coping habits.


“I know the struggle. I lived the struggle. I beat the struggle. And with my guidance, you can, too. I decided to go into this field to help others create their own change – not from a place of self-importance, but from a place of self-awareness. Because of my experience in processing my own anxiety, depression, and body loathing, I help others from a very personal perspective. It’s been a journey for me – and it will absolutely be a journey for you – but I believe that together, we can do it.”


Julie is located in Frankfort, Ontario and works with clients one-on-one, in workshops, and in groups – both in person and online.


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